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  • A Truely Inspirational Story from @geraldmasterso1 showing what makes Ibiza so special

A Truely Inspirational Story from @geraldmasterso1 showing what makes Ibiza so special

A Truely Inspirational Story from @geraldmasterso1 showing what makes Ibiza so special

I remember my first year in San An. I went for a walk with my carer and we were looking at bars to have lunch, there must be 8/9 bars in the strip as we walked right along them. Just by luck we decided to go into The Orange Corner, it looked like it had nice food and had DJs playing there so we thought that it was great, but what I never knew was that day and that bar changed my life……. After 5 days I started talking to the daytime DJ Jamie Gittins as he played there most days. We talked and because he worked there, he knew lot of different people so I met them and most of them I still see or keep in touch with. So we all kept in touch over the winter and I saw them again the next summer and lucky I seen them again & again each summer and in 10 years I must have made over 400 friends because of Ibiza!

I am ashamed to say this but, well, the reason I wanted to go to Ibiza was I watched sky 1 and saw Ibiza Uncovered and thought I would love that, wow how wrong I was, Ibiza is NOT just about young people going out getting pissed, having sex with strangers, talking drugs. Ibiza has the most beautiful places and beaches. There are some hippies markets, like in Es Caná. At night in most towns there are markets and it’s nice taking a walk along them during the evening.
There have been many highlights in my life in Ibiza but the best night was when my friend Michelle had a birthday party. First Jamie Gittins and I went to Ibiza town, it’s so beautiful there. Then we went to Michelle’s party, my friends Jamie and Sean did a party called Disco Bomb which music involves Rock, Pop, Reggae, D&B, Disco & anything goes really, so everyone had a great time, it finished at 7AM the latest I ever stayed up. So some of us went to have breakfast and after that Jamie took me back to my hotel. Took me in his car, so when he took me to put me back into my wheelchair we discover he left my communication aid out on the side on the pavement! Lucky enough this woman who works in the shop nearby saw us driving away leaving my communication aid on pavement lol…. But he got it back lol…
This year was my 10th year and I wanted to make it special, so I decided to go for 3 weeks which I thought would be hard but I managed to go, with help with carers and thanks to Jamie he asked my 2 new friends Cherry and Lilly who were my carers for 10 days I went to Ibiza 21 days in all, I stayed in Playa den Bossa for the first time, but I loved it, it was different and nicer than San An. Over the years my music tastes went from trance to house to techno to tech house to deep house and I always wanted to go to space on Sunday for We Love… and this time went there and I loved it, I also went to my first opening party ever; Carl Cox…………..

I love and adore Ibiza. There have been 1 or 2 bad times, but because of all my loving friends who I met over the years, they made sure I was ok.”

   Gerald is always looking to meet new Ibiza music lovers look him up on Facebook or if youre in Ibiza when he is give him a shout and say Hi.

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