FACT is event and promotion specialist with a main focus on quality and avant-garde electronic music. We showcase our events and artists in multiple formats, in locations as diverse as surprising. We develop experiences around the planet in some of the most important and exciting music capitals of the world.


With base in Barcelona and modus operandum of “We don’t follow trends, we believe in good music and good artists”. FACT have become a global brand which also exercises agency bookings and manages projects which are characterized by their innovative nature.

We are not just an agency or a promoter. We do not intend to change the world nor do we see ourselves as an alternative. We are FACT; a human group that lives and breathes dance music. Music is the sole reason for us being here and our main goal is to build memorable musical experiences and leave our stamp in people’s minds around the world.

We avoid following trends. We don’t see ourselves as exclusive to one thing or do we try to imitate other entities. Our formula is simple – we offer people new and unforgettable experiences by developing proposals where electronic music, combined with vast doses of imagination and dedication become high quality events.

FACT was born in Barcelona in 2010. Although this is our home, we are a global brand that is not limited to a specific territory. Ibiza, London, Rio De Janeiro, Miami, Sydney, Paris, New York, Beirut, Belgrade, Beijing, Bogotá, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Brussels, Cologne, Vienna, Miami, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Moscow, Singapore, or Madrid are just some of the cities where we take some of the world’s leading electronic music artists.

We don’t see borders. We believe in the the powerful socializing element of music and thanks to that we can change people’s moods and strengthen our reason for us being here even more. Like music, we are universal, global and international, and we are always moving, always dancing.



We don’t follow trends. We believe in good music and in good artists.

Be part of it. #FactWW

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