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  • Till Death Do Us Disco announce their New Residency @HushIbiza #tilldeathdousdisco

Till Death Do Us Disco announce their New Residency @HushIbiza #tilldeathdousdisco

Till Death Do Us Disco announce their New Residency @HushIbiza #tilldeathdousdisco


ICG: Hi Ricky Thanks for doing this interview with ICG.

Ricky: My absolute pleasure Steve, thank you kindly for having me on.


E-MAIL: ricky.meakin@sky.com


AGE: 37


MUSIC: I play a whole spectrum and arsenal of electronica – It would be great for you to come and see for your self

RESIDENCY: Bar Eleven Nottingham, Hush Ibiza, Boutique Hostel Salinas

Wow that seems like such a long time ago now, i was about 9 years old, my Dad took us for a holiday, i remember staying in a place called hotel Hawaii in San Antonio Bay, Lemonades pool side trying to dance to the likes “Don Quichotte – Magazine 60” hardly rock & roll! oh wait a minute…. hahah.. Although my first real experience on the Island would be for my 21st Birthday with a group of friends, they all chucked in and surprised me with a ticket for Amnesia to see Erick Morello play on the terrace… Seems it did some justice – I’ve been back every single year many times over ever since then. I will more than likely be living there premaritally in the next 3/4

So many… Have to say Italian. I love pretty much all meat dishes,especially Lamb, and Duck…
Mind you there is an amazing place called the Fish Shack in Talamanca, quite a hidden treasure – many know about it but those that don’t, should. Its amazing!

This is a question, hmmm… the most obvious and the first thing that jumps to mind is my own thoughts late at night, thats when my mind and brain just come to life with all kinds of crazy ideas.
I read a lot of books too and get exited by things that are being done completely different, there’s a select few that aren’t afraid to take risks and believe solely in there own vision, including me.
Musically Andrew Weatherall is the king of inspiration, Im pretty sure he was born in the future.
I am huge fan of Steve Lawler, his work has always fascinated me, he is constantly always moving forward and making the right decisions at the right time.
Global Underground was a major influence on my up bringing it absolutely rocked!
First class electronic music whilst being entertained in the right way – come with an open mind, as James quoted prepare to be hypnotically seduced.


ICG: Hi Ricky Thanks for doing this interview with ICG.

Ricky: My absolute pleasure Steve, thank you kindly for having me on, i hope your day is going well.

ICG: Where are you and what are you up too right now?

Ricky: This sounds proper cliché but i actually really am in my new studio.
I live in a coach house so its an upper living area, Lucky for us there is the most amazing space underneath, its detached and all the walls, floor and ceilings are concrete so its a perfect space!
Me and James said why don’t we convert it into a proper studio space, its taken 14 months to do!

old walls ripped down, new walls up, its been pro sound boarded out, skimmed, lighting, the acoustic foaming has gone up and its now fully functioning, we just need the evil synths and gear in and its good to go!

ICG: Can you tell us your own DJ highlights and how the clubbing scene in Ibiza is shaping up?

Ricky: There has literally been so many, i think most recently our first Till Death Do Us Disco party down at the Horse & Groom in London was pretty special, warming up for the absolute don Dave Beer from Back To Basics was too good!

The guy is crazy!
I remember trying to pack his travel case that fell out on the floor behind the decks whilst he’s djing almost treading on me!
haha what a legend!!
We even managed to bring in Rayko from Barcelona as a surprise guest as he was playing for some party at the Ministry Of Sound, great timing and always hustling! haha…

We took over the whole place that night on our opening party, if i remember rightly, the place nearly burned down, to this day Dave says it was his music that did it! lol i absolutely agree.
Dropping on some residences out in Dubai and Budapest was a pretty exiting time too…
An up coming highlight will have to be being invited down to play the main stage at the Alfreso festival in Tunbridge Wells, the line ups insane, Ill be on there with Paranoid London, Craig Bratley, James Hadfield and a few others…
The guys behind it are super nice people, i am really exited to be getting involved with them all and cant wait.
Ibiza is constantly chaining, i try not to get involved with the political side of things but this year is going to be extremely stand out, there is a lot of sad faces and story’s being said from the closure of Space last year but its no surprise that the new owners are going to make that place incredible…
Change is good, you just cant simply evolve without it

ICG: This year in Ibiza you’re bringing a new night Till Death Do Us Disco


Ricky: Yes thats right we are fortunate enough to have been spotted by Hush in San Antonio, we actually approached them and they loved what we was doing as its something that wasn’t being done in there venue so we jumped at the chance in taking a weekly Wednesday.
For those that don’s know Hush, it is a cool little club/bar space, it holds around 250/300 and has just been fully refurbished, the sound system is the best – Function One.

Our opening is on Wednesday 31st May with David Phillips head lining amongst our island guests,
Tony Haze,
Drew Moreland,
Pat Hickey &
Paul Compson.
We have also been putting together a monthly Monday evening electronic dinner party with David Phillips at BHS or Boutique Hostel Salinas.

The boutique hostel is some what of a legendary place, there halloween parties are infamous and events like Nick Warrens Sound Garden play host there.
Installing a few of Death Disco parties there is something we have been hoping to do for a while now so to get this opportunity with them means the world to us. BHS is positioned in the magical part of the Salinas and just a short trip up to DC10, so it would make perfect sense to have a get together before all heading to Circo Loco.
You can catch us there on Monday 5th June with
David Phillips,
Tony Haze &
Ricky Meakin.
The project was born in an old english boozer down in Shoredich at the iconic Horse & Groom, better known as the ultimate disco pub.
It was the perfect birth ground for us…

Its a new concept idea we started 2 years ago, it was something myself and James talked about doing in Budapest and wanted to do this kind of thing for a while, something more striped back, something on the darker and sleazier side of things, fusing rolling electronic synths almost like the old progressive sound but with some added space disco elements, pitch it back and its a win…
We have had some amazing artists on in such a short space of time, the likes of Dave Beer from Basics, Rayko, Gemini Brothers, Nein Records boss Tronik Youth, Emile Strunz LIVE, Iron Blu from Flight Recorder, and more artists confirmed, its certainly exciting times for the project.

We are working with some of the best creatives in the industry – Funk Soul Media are doing such a great job on our media vision and they will handle all our film docs this summer, there speed of delivery, turnaround and level of communication is exceptional!

You really need that when working with creatives as you need things like yesterday as time just slips away when trying to manage and meet dead lines!
Luckily for us we managed to track down our old friend Aoife Cleary – an expert in club entertainment promo, Aoife and herteam have worked for the likes of Pacha, & Space and about to set up home at Blue Marlin Ibiza as well as leading clubs in San Francisco.
She has done an outstanding job in developing our vision with her promo club team.
We wont give to much away as the idea is to come to the nights and feel it for your self. Its certainly going to change things up in San Antonio, this summer but be prepared to expect something completely different, and why not?.


IGC: Are you currently working on any other production or Projects you would like to share ?

Ricky: This has been quite a frustrating ride for me personally, promoting takes over your life, those that know, understand.
It leaves little time to spend on making actual music especially when you have to work full time as well, balancing this is extremely challenging.
Im not one to just upload some poorly made clip tagged “im in the studio” from a lap top in your uncle johns conservatory!
Ive said it for years if I’m putting a record out I’m going to putting a dam record out and its going to be done right!
Im happy with my work, no loops, no rip off from another arrangement all my own shit going on in there.
I can say its pretty decent sampling from the Matrix.
The EP will drop this summer on Neils amazing and innovating NEIN records and i can not wait!

Thats an exclusive there.

I have also been working with James from Global Underground on a few ideas and I’m pretty sure now the space is finished some of our music is going to see the light of day. Its about time! and way WAY over due!
We are both really exited and feel some kind new creative electricity going on, i recon were going to create some proper magic!

ICG: Where can people keep up to date with everything that’s going on with you?

Ricky: Im not up  to date and up to speed with social media PR to be honest, its hard finding the time! we need a manager haha!
We have our music page and we have created a secret group on facebook to share our media and content with for a select few music heads, if you would like to be added just send us a message – the whole internet is just saturated with to much of everything.

ICG: Awesome stuff. Thank you for taking the time out to do this quick interview with us here at Ibiza Clubbing guide and we look forward to hearing more from you on the circuit.

Ricky: Thanks a million for allowing us to do this interview with you, its been a pleasure and fun… so thank you.



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