Till Death Do Us Disco

Till Death Do Us Disco

Till Death Do Us Disco was conceived when planet Ricky Meakin aligned with planet James Todd of Global of Underground who combined their varied musical knowledge and vast experience of club culture.

Ricky and James’s underground sensibilities & shared love of the emerging slo-mo disco sound, unified a desire to host a party, a party specifically to showcase this sound and the artists making it.

The project was born in an old english boozer down in Shoredich at the iconic Horse & Groom, better known as the ultimate disco pub.
It was the perfect birth ground for us…

Its a new concept idea started 2 years ago, it was something Ricky and James talked about doing in Budapest and wanted to do this kind of thing for a while, something more striped back, something on the darker and sleazier side of things, fusing rolling electronic synths almost like the old progressive sound but with some added space disco elements, pitch it back and its a win…
There have been some amazing artists on in such a short space of time, the likes of Dave Beer from Basics, Rayko, Gemini Brothers, Nein Records boss Tronik Youth, Emile Strunz LIVE, Iron Blu from Flight Recorder, and more artists confirmed, its certainly exciting times for the project.
They are working with some of the best creatives in the industry – Funk Soul Media are doing such a great job on our media vision and they will handle all our film docs this summer, there speed of delivery, turnaround and level of communication is exceptional!
You really need that when working with creatives as you need things like yesterday as time just slips away when trying to manage and meet dead lines!

We wont give to much away as the idea is to come to the nights and feel it for your self. Its certainly going to change things up in San Antonio, this summer but be prepared to expect something completely different, and why not?.


A new journey awaits us as we embark on the white island for a series of 16 parties.

Prepare to be hypnotically seduced with our signature sound of dark rolling grooves, electronic disco, future sounds and dub house powered by state of the art Funktion One sound, deep in the heart of San Antonio

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